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What is Trackula

We want you to know the digital world we live in: the reach of your data, and the consequences of being tracked over the web for your personal freedom. We defend your right to privacy and work to raise awareness about the consequences of overspreading personal information. We think this is very important to you, no matter who you are.

The Trackula on the Web browser addon shows you in an interactive visualization how data about you spreads on the web and which web-tracking companies are aware of the content you visit every day. We do that without saving, selling or even sending your personal information to anyone: all the data you generate stays on your own computer. Our only intention is that you are aware of this seemingly hidden information so that you can empower yourself with criticism over this situation.

This is an activist project that started at Medialab-Prado in Madrid.

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Trackula Logo
Infograph explaining what Trackula addresses

Some tools

You have more privacy-related tools at

Developed for Firefox, it shows your complete web history with all the third-parties and trackers that you have connected tom and where they were embedded.


Prevents the embedding of third-party "social buttons" (e.g., Like on Facebook) from tracking your information before interacting with the button.


Detects and blocks several kinds of tracking technologies, protecting your data and making websites load faster.

uBlock Origin

You control, through lists of filters, what kinds of technologies you may want to block. Has an advanced-user mode that allows for finer-grained control.

Tinfoil for Facebook

Generates an isolated web browsing session on your phone. This way, you can avoid logging into Facebook on your usual browser to try to prevent them from matching your web interactions to your Facebook profile.


This self-learning addon is very easy to use and automatically prevents trackers from tracking you after it has enough information to categorize them as trackers (from your own browsing activity).

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