Trackula at esLibre

Coordinating the "Privacy, decentralization and digital sovereignty" devroom

On 21 of June we will be in Granada, Spain, managing and coordinating the Privacy, decentralization and digital sovereignty devroom in esLibre conference, a community based congress about free and open source technologies. We have just opened a call for papers so you can send us a proposal and if you are going to be at esLibre, come to our devroom or ping us anytime over at Twitter.

Trackula at FOSDEM

Telling our journey on the Privacy Devroom

We are glad to say that we will be co-hosting a talk with Cliqz’s Local Sheriff at FOSDEM this year in the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom! If you are at FOSDEM, come visit us Watching Them Watching Us in room UD2.218A on Saturday at 10:30 am or ping us anytime over at Twitter. If you are not attending FOSDEM, you will be able to follow the talk by streaming at https://video.

New website

We can now better communicate (we hope!)

We have managed to bootstrap a website to show our progress. We now hope you can better follow our progress and we can now document stuff that we have been doing that is more or less still in our heads so that you can try to replicate it elsewhere!

Trackula at "1 año en un día"

Summarizing our work

We were invited by Medialab-Prado to present Trackula in “1 año en un día”, a yearly activity where Medialab-Prado showcases their citizens the most relevant projects have had activity during that year.